The science of


Advanced technology for a premium finish.

This is where groundbreaking science and real-world performance combine. A professional ceramic coating that’s easy to apply, with a fast-cure formula for same-day service. Our treatment helps enrich paint gloss and shine, for a durable new-polish look that will last.

High Gloss Shine

Seals in and helps maintain the “wet look” of a new polish

Long Lasting Coating

Creates a hydrophobic finish for excellent water beading


Chemical resistance stands up to salt, acid rain, tree sap and more

Easier Care & Maintenance

Extremely slick surface allows for easier removal of dirt and debris


™ Ceramic Coating

Simplified application

  • Cures quickly with no special equipment
  • 100% active ingredients and low-VOC formula
  • One formula for use on multiple surfaces
  • Unique applicator system for ease of coverage

Premium performance

  • Long-lasting coating with excellent water beading
  • Durable chemical resistance against to tree sap, rain and more
  • High-gloss shine maintains new-polish “wet look”
  • Extremely slick surface allows for easier removal of dirt and debris

Engineered to lead the industry

Application Time < 2 hrs. Low VOC/ Low Odor Slickness < 0.1 Coefficient of Friction (CoF) Initial Receding Contact Angle ≥ 100 Receding Contact Angle Post-Scrub ≥ 100 Durability Static Contact Angle (SCA) ≥ 90 After 1 Year
3M™ Ceramic Coating
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